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The Focus Areas of Healthy People 2010

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is regarded as a serious health concern for children. With the considerably increased rate of childhood obesity in the US, it has been described as a national epidemic by the health professionals and about nine million children are measured to be considerably affected by it (US, 2007). This accounts for 15 percent of American children who age from 6 to 11 (Jeffrey Koplan, 2005). Moreover, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) have estimated 17% of children 2-18 years are obese. It is estimated that among preschool aged children from 2 to 5, obesity increased from 5 to 10.4%. Children with obesity are at the risk of severe health problems and the health risk factor involved can be associated with cardiovascular disease. It is found that students identified with the obesity are unable to write their own academic paper and end up with hiring a dissertation writing service provider.

Goals of the Healthy People 2010

‘Healthy People 2010’ (HP 2010) is a policy statement by the US Department of Health and Human Services for the national health objectives and it is designed to identify the most important and preventable threats to health. Moreover, it aims to establish national goals to reduce those health threats. Since childhood obesity has been serious health concern, it is associated with the goals of the Healthy People 2010. The Healthy People 2010 Goals also present the set of health objectives for the nation to achieve. The systematic and comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention agenda is the most significant part of the goal. The health agenda of the Healthy People 201 provides 467 health improvement objectives and 434 sub-objectives in 28 Focus Areas. The specific objectives of the Healthy People 2010 include the promotion of healthy nutrition against obesity. The US Department of Health and Human Services has formulated the Healthy People 2010 policy initiatives and objective 19.3 states the reduction of obesity in children. Through this program the message is corresponded to the leading health indicator of Overweight and Nutrition.

The Leading Health Indicators for Childhood Obesity

Healthy People 2010 Leading Health Indicators present the latest data on the 10 Leading Health Indicators. Together, the Leading Health Indicators show the important health concerns in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century (H. Dele Davies, 2008), that is the reason why students disgnosed with the obesity are compelled to hire thesis writing service provider for their thesis writing task. The Leading Health Indicators are selected on the basis of their potential to stimulate action, the presentation of data to measure the overall progress, and their importance as public health issues. The leading Health Indicator has revealed that overweight and obesity contributes to a number of causes of death and in the US the number of children with obesity is increasing over last four decades. Only childhood obesity accounted for total $99 billion in 1995 including medical costs and lost productivity.  The leading Health Indicator reflects 11 percent of children during 1988 to 1994 with obesity who is aged from 6 to 18 years and their obese was considered at severe condition. Therefore, the objective has been selected to measure the progress in children with obesity and for this the Leading Health Indicator has set its goal to reduce the rate of obesity in children. 


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