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I am Jacky, daughter of Juana and Victor and I am from Colombia. I was born in Colombia on May 16, 1980 and completed my high school at the age of 17. I lived with my parents until the age of 24. I have earned a good working experience as a receptionist and Guest Room Attendant. I first started with receptionist job at the Police Department. The working experience in a police department was a great experience because it requires fulfilling number of responsibility and this job provided me with a good opportunity to learn about working on reports, documentations and investigation. After moving to Las Vegas I was hired as Guest Room Attendant at a hotel and I continued serving at different hotels such as MGM Hotel and Casino. Learning and gaining more education has always been my wish therefore I joined English language classes to improve my English communication skills. This piece of writing reflects my improvement in English communication and my skills like determination, hardworking and focus as my strength to achieve my life goals.


I believe that it is my mind power and determination towards achieving my goals that makes me different and especial from others. I have always been determined to put all my effort to succeed and get what I want to do in my life. However, in many situations, I had to show flexible attitude or in other words I had to adjust my life with existing condition but not even for single moment I thought to move from what I want to achieve in my life. (Get essay writing help from our advanced writers!) I am well determined to learn and improve my English communication and make a career in the field of hotel management.

I would not be able to move towards achieving my goals unless I am hard working. My hardworking nature never let me down to push myself in gaining my life goals. (Choose  assignment writers who suit your expectations and budget and get original papers.) However, sometimes it is tedious to work and study together but I managed to perform all these tasks along with enjoying my life.

My determination and hardworking nature is fed by my power of focusing. Without focusing power, it seems difficult to perform number of things such as study, language classes and job. 

I would like to make the most of life and opportunity that I have and without the contribution of my skills and innate mind power it would be difficult to achieve it.   


At present, I am working as Guest Room Attendant but I would like to progress in my life and for this I have a plan ahead to focus on my key goals, be determined and put all my efforts to achieve my goals.   


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