Privacy Policy

The clauses presented here demonstrate details of our privacy policy. These policies direct the personal information that we gather and use each time you visit the WriterSupport website.
The information we assemble is used to enhance user experience and content of our Website by personalizing it according to individual preferences. No personal data we collect for these purposes is revealed to any websites that are linked to our Website (

Information We Collect While Browsing

When you browse the Website, our web server collects some data that includes information regarding your IP address, your operating system, the web browser used, and access timings. Occasionally, we might use cookies to personalize the website content, depending on the type of your browser, IP address or other unspecified information.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in your web browser and are intended to distinguish a computer to a server. These data packets distinguish the device that is being used, not just a particular individual user. Most of the websites use this tool to monitor the visitor traffic. These files accumulate information about website sections& pages that users visit, clicks the most and spend time on.
At WriterSupport, we use both persistent (enduring) and session (short-term) cookies; these cookies are used to:

  • Remember that our visitor is involved in placing an order
  • Remember that our customer has signed in
  • Show the date and time according to the user's time zone
  • Enhance user experience and make navigation on the website more convenient

External services that are functioning on our Website, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and PayPal. However, we—at WriterSupport—play no role in distributing the personal information of our users to third parties, given that they are not implied for placing, completing, or delivering the Works.

Social media widgets like share, tweet, connect links that will redirect you to our social media page may access your IP address, and may set a cookie so that the feature can function well. These Features and Widgets are possibly under the control of a third party. Your interactions with these Widgets are ruled by the policy of these third party websites.

Cookies are received voluntarily by the users. They can modify their browser settings to decline or accept all cookies. They can also adjust their browser to notify them every time a cookie is being used. Please note that by declining the cookies, the user might not have access to some customized services.

Optional Information

Some web pages may ask you for your personal information like your name, email address, and some contact details. Always remember that such details are never lent or distributed to third parties; this information is just for communication purpose with the customer throughout the process. We might use the demographic information to carry out internal market researches.

If you provide feedback to us, request a quote or ask for any query you have in mind using your email address, we only use your contact details to answer or address your queries. Your personal information is not revealed, shared, or sold to any third party.

Future Amendments

WriterSupport holds the right to amend this privacy policy anytime we find necessary. In such events, we will notify this on our website and social media pages. Yet, you are recommended to check our privacy policy every now and then. Your use of website after the amendments to the privacy policy will represent your consent to the revised clauses of the policy.

Links Disclaimer may contain hyperlinks to the third party websites and the resources of third parties. The terms of use and the privacy policy of these third party websites are beyond our control and make sure to review them before providing them any personal information. We are not liable how these third parties access and use your data.

We do not accept the responsibility, in any event, of any loss or damage resulting from the amendments we may make to our Website.
We won’t be accountable to you or any other individual, whether resulting from or concerning the Order(s) and/or Services including, but not confined to

  • Electronic, software or hardware, internet, email, phone, network, or computer malfunctions, difficulties or failures of any sort;
  • Failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer and/or email transmissions;
  • Any condition caused by events beyond the control of the company that might cause the Product and/or Services to be (as applicable) delayed, disrupted, or corrupted;
  • Any harms, losses or indemnity of any sort resulting in consequence of, or concerning, employing the Services; or
  • Any misprints or errors in fonts of the Order(s)


It is prohibited for the Customers to transfer any of their rights under these Terms and conditions to any other person. The company, WriterSupport, may transfer its rights and privileges under these Terms to a third party where we practically believe your rights will not get influenced.

Contact Details

If you have any query or need further information regarding our website, kindly contact us either via email, phone or live chat.

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